The Mystery Parcel in the Mail

So, you don’t know me, began the message, but you’ve kind of turned up via my incessant sewing-blog-following.

Honestly, the writer had me at So.  I love a mysterious message out of the blue; it’s even better when you keep reading it and discover it’s genuine and not some annoying spam disguised as a vaguely-coherent ramble.  This message fell well and truly into the former category, which is just as well, otherwise this would be a completely different blog post in which I rant about spam instead of one where a mystery parcel arrives on my doorstep.

The message went on and the writer revealed herself as a fellow once-upon-a-time blogger who sews, but whose life had rather gotten in the way of her sewing.  Instead of donating her stash of fabric (you know, that thing I’m incapable of developing), she wanted to send it out to people who would then make something from it and send her a photo… and she was asking me if I’d like to receive some in the mail.

Well, when a mysterious internet stranger asks for my address, who am I to say no?

I’m not going to lie: for a moment or two, I wondered if it was an oddly-sophisticated attempt at stalking.  Then I took a look around at the world and realised if someone was going to go to the effort of stalking, they’d probably choose a far more interesting subject than a grammar-obsessed, hat-wearing blogger.  So I said ‘Yes, please!’ to my unexpected benefactor and promptly went and camped by the letterbox for a week.

At long last, the parcel made its journey from the other side of the country and arrived, presumably quite exhausted, at my doorstep.  It was packed full of as much material as possible and the bounteous collection looks a little like this:

Mystery Fabric Basket

So many gorgeous things!  There’s a knit for when I finally summon up the courage to tackle such fabric and some amazing prints.  I have no idea if what the floating creature is on the red fabric (at the moment, it’s a toss-up between a pig or a hamster) but I adore it and can’t wait to turn it into something that’s part of my everyday life.  My absolute favourite, however, is this one:

Mystery Fabric Favourite

I would never have had the confidence to choose a print like this – I usually stick to silly thing like prints of well-dressed ladies scattered amidst giant glasses (see one of my blog banners for proof of this) – but I love this abstract print to little bits.  This is one of the benefits of having someone else choose fabric for you: you end up with something marvellous that you would have walked past in a shop if left to your own devices.

So it seems I have acquired a mini-stash, thanks to my benefactor from Sew Celia!  It has arrived just in time to become part of my Delightful Dozen Project, so you can expect to see the material turning up in very different formats as the year progresses.

What sort of things should I make with the fabric?  Let me know in the comments!

16 thoughts on “The Mystery Parcel in the Mail

  1. Tess says:

    What a fantastic gift! 😀
    Although I am not sure about striped black/white/pink fabric, it gives me a certain feeling of dizziness… The Christmassy red fabric may be suitable for a skirt and i absolutely love the paisley pattern on the far left! Somehow I think of a nice lady cutting her roses in the English countryside while the kettle is on in the rural kitchen. A nice scarf, perhaps?


    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      Somehow, your description of the paisley pattern made me think of an apron… Not quite sure how I got there, but I need an apron, so I think it’s going to happen now!

      I can see how the abstract patterend fabric could cause dizziness – there are a lot of lines going in strange places, which could definitely confuse the eye. Hopefully you’ll be more impressed than dizzy when I share the finished product!


  2. Tess says:

    An apron! Of course, an apron would be absolutely perfect when you’re getting creative in the kitchen! 🙂 I think you should go for the apron. Maybe, there’s enough fabric to make one for the Chef too?

    I am sure the abstract pattern will look great once you’ve turned it into a garment.


    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      It’s so generous – I’m in the process of thinking of a way to repay her generosity.

      Hopefully, it won’t be too long before I’m able to share something, as I seem to have plans for at least two of the items in my mini-stash already. 😀


  3. Style Wilderness says:

    That looks like a Japanese traditional print of ceramic pigs to me, I wonder if the mystery lady travelled in Japan? Maybe you should ask. So strange that you’re writing about increasing your stash as I’m actually writing about the exact topic for a potential book at the moment – not that I speak from experience, because I am actually trying to DECREASE my stash. I’ve already covered the normal methods of shopping at haberdashery places and op shops and asking friends if they have material they don’t want but now I’ll have to include “attracting stash by writing a blog and being sent material by random followers”!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      So far, it’s the only foolproof method that’s worked for me!

      Thanks for the confirmation of the pigs on the red print. Is there a significance to the ceramic pigs? It’s so adorable and fun and it somehow looks as though someone tossed a bunch of pigs and baubles in the air and captured it on fabric. I’m hoping to turn it into a skirt so I can wear this gloriousness on a regular basis.


    • hashigal says:

      If this is at all helpful, I’m about to rework my old sheets into pajamas. My Nanna made her very first dress from a worn out old sheet, and I can’t believe I forgot that this was a possibility until last week. The sheets are just worn enough that they’re beginning to tear, but still in fairly good nick. And being 1200 thread count cotton sateen, the fabric too lovely to just bin.


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