Addicted to Blogging

Once upon a time, in a far off land known as GeoCities (bonus points if you even remember that), I had a blog.  And by ‘blog’ I mean ‘a page on my website that I updated manually every couple of days or so’.  It was fun.  I have no idea if anyone ever read it and they certainly couldn’t leave comments, but I was hooked.  Before long, I found my next blogging fix: LiveJournal.  Icons!  Layouts!  A page of blog posts that didn’t require me to write them in code!

Yes, it’s safe to say I was addicted.  It’s also safe to say that blogging led to my developing an obsession with photography and also took my hand and introduced me to vlogging.  Yes, blogging has a lot to answer for, especially when it comes to my bank balance.

Eventually, I developed the courage to make the leap from LiveJournal and start my own self-hosted blog.  These were exciting times for someone whose idea of a good time involves finding a font with nice kerning.  I spent hours making my blog look exactly as I wanted it to and took ridiculous amounts of photos to share.  At several points, photos almost seemed to supersede words in my blog posts, which was an alarming concept for a person who adores words with a passion known to alarm casual bystanders.

Then I made my fatal mistake: I decided to bid farewell to my rambly blog and specialise.  At first, I planned to capitalise on my adventures in knitting and sewing; then I decided I’d blog about my adventures with my new red bike.  Both were doomed to failure.  I am a rambler by nature.  There’s no point starting a blog on hats, for instance, because I’ll eventually want to waffle on about footpath etiquette or why people keep using semi-colons where colons are clearly required and I’ll have nowhere to do it, because I’m sure there are very few hat afficionadoes who also share my obsession with grammar.  And footpath etiquette.

So my blogging ground to a halt and I eventually realised how much I missed it.  I love having the chance to play with words and to share photos on all manner of topics and it’s amazing how impossible it is to do that without a blog.  So here we are, back where I started with an unashamedly rambly blog.  If you already know me, then you know what to expect from this blog.  If you don’t know me, then let me assure you that the previous paragraph will give you a pretty clear idea of what you can expect to read in all future blog posts.  For the purposes of clarity, however, please accept this list of topics that are highly likely to appear on Katie Writes Stuff:

  1. Cheese
  2. Roadtrips
  3. Writing
  4. Hats
  5. Grammar (I am an Apostrophe Crusader)
  6. TEA
  7. Photos of my cats
  8. Knitting & sewing (seriously, you should see the pattern I just ordered from Etsy. WHY ISN’T IT HERE ALREADY?)
  9. Failboats
  10. Stories about my new red bike

And that’s just to start with.  One day, I plan to be a best-selling novelist who lives with her Chef in a windmill by the sea* and goes on amazing adventures, so why not get in on the action now?  Just imagine, future you will be sitting in cafés, telling your friends, Oh yes, I started reading her blog waaaaay before she was famous…  And in the meantime, there’ll be plenty of stories about cheese and photos of my cats to entertain you.

* It’s entirely possible a lighthouse would be more suitable in this situation.

12 thoughts on “Addicted to Blogging

  1. oanh says:

    I remember Geocities! I had my own world there, with a constitution and everything. It was called Oanhlandia and I was Benevolent Dictator and running out of ice cream was a state of emergency circumstance.

    Rambly blogs are the best. I’m excited to read about semi-colons and apostrophes!


    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      Running out of ice cream is always a bit of a disaster, especially in weather like this.

      It’s so good to know that rambly blogs have fans. I do love a rambly blog myself, because you know there’s always going to be variety every time you read a new post. And grammar, in the case of my blog. I hope you enjoy reading along. 🙂


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