One Week in May

Those playing along at home may be wondering how my Friday without television went.  Did I provide myself with ample alternatives to TV?  Did I settle myself at my newly-cleaned crafting table and set to things with a great attitude of determination?

Did I completely forget about it?

Yes, apparently I did.  As I was heading to bed last night, my mind was full of the things I was going to achieve and how much fun I was going to having at my crafting table (which my cats have apparently mis-read and understand it to be a ‘catting table’)… and then I realised it was Friday night and all of that should have happened prior to the bed-going.  For some reason, my mind had decided it would all start in a morning, not an evening.

So I’ve sort of shifted it to today.

In the meantime, however, I have been achieving things and I’ve already cut back a lot on all types of screen time.  Here’s what the last week and a bit has looked like… Continue reading


A Country Childhood

When I discover a wonderful new blog, I like to go right back to the beginnings and read along from there.  Within reason.  If I come across a blog that’s been going for ten years, it’s unlikely I’d do that, but anything around about three years old is fair game.  It gives me something to entertain myself with when waiting for stuff to happen at work or to fill in a lazy ten minutes or so at home.  This is exactly what happened when I found Country Life Experiment, written by Jo, who moved to a working farm in New South Wales with her Country Boy and three children a couple of years ago.  Jo writes beautifully of her country experiment and accompanies the words with delectable photos, which means I’m approaching the read-through much the way I would an addictive book: I really want to keep reading but I don’t want to get to the end.

Luckily, as it’s a blog, ‘the end’ merely means I’ll be up to date and waiting for the next blog post.

But I’m addicted for another reason: quite simply, it feels as though I’m reading about my childhood from my parents’ perspective and this is utterly fascinating.  Let me take you back to when I was little and I’ll explain… Continue reading

No Apologies Needed

‘No Apologies Needed’ is not quite the title I wanted to use for this blog post.  If I had my way, it would be something much bossier such as: Stop apologising for how you look!  But even though I frequently wear the bossy pants, I could see how that could come across as rude and somewhat didactic, so I toned it down a bit.

Despite that, I still really want to shout: STOP APOLOGISING FOR HOW YOU LOOK!!  (We will use no more than two exclamation marks as we obey the Terry Pratchett Rule of Excessive Exclamation Mark Use on this blog.)  I see it so often: I’ll be innocently reading a blog post and the author will share a photo, apologising in advance for a lack of make-up or for their hair not being perfectly blow-waved or for having one sock slightly higher than the other or something.  And it makes me sad.

So let me say it right now: You look fine.  In fact, you look more than fine.  You look wonderful just as you are.  You don’t need to have your face covered in make-up and you don’t need to have spent an hour straightening or curling your hair before you’re allowed to take a photo and share it on the internet.  I never bother and here’s the proof: Continue reading

Just Because I’m Dreaming of a Roadtrip

I have a post all written up about my adventures in Beechworth but I can’t post it yet because I only took the photos off my camera last night and given that this occurred at around 11pm after Wind Symphony rehearsal and that my alarm was set to go off at 6am for work the next day, I unreasonably decided to call it a night and come back to the photos later.  And seriously, how long was that sentence?  I kept looking for a spot to interrupt and set down a tactful full-stop but it just didn’t happen.

Anyway, it’s been almost a week since my last post (although this is understandable, given that the Easter long weekend occurred in the middle of it) and I just feel like writing something.  Too often, I’ll find something else to do instead of writing a blog post, even though the thing I most want to do is to write a blog post.  This is one thing I’ll never understand about myself: for some reason, I always seem to stop myself from doing the things I most desire to do.  The conversations in my head go a little like this: Continue reading

The One

Sometimes, you just know there’s an absence in your life.  At certain times of the day, you feel it most – that lack; that empty space that won’t be filled.  You know you’re missing The One.

One magical day, when you’ve stopped looking (when you’re trying to pretend you don’t need The One at all) – that’s when you’ll find The One.  A glimpse out of the corner of your eye.  A fluttering of your heart.  Could this be it?  Is this The One?  You know it must be, because The One feels just right in your hands – as though you were made for each other.

And it holds exactly the right amount of tea. Continue reading