Three Goals for 2016

We’re eight days into the new year and it’s just as well I didn’t make a resolution to be less lazy or have a more regular presence on my blog because I’d have failed that before I even began. Luckily, I’ve never been into resolutions and I think I’ve worked out why: they imply that the old you was rubbish in some way. “New year, new you!” is the catch-cry. Because the old you is useless. The old you is too lazy or unfit or bad at croquet (or whichever sport is trendy with the hipsters now). It’s no wonder resolutions don’t work: they put us in a defeatist frame of mind before we even begin.

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Making Plans

It’s that time of year where people start making rash promises about getting fit or climbing the nearest convenient mountain.  Everything’s fresh and new and there’s the whiff of potential in the air.  Why, we could do anything!  Well, within reason.  For some reason, running away to live a life on the road with two cats and a Chef with an internet gaming addiction is seen to be impractical, if only because there’d be a lot of camping involved.

I am by no means immune to this desire to create a fresh start and, given that several weeks of freedom remain between me and my return to work, I have plenty of time in which to get to grips with this new, improved me.  Or a new, organised me because I don’t like to make resolutions: I make plans.  Preferably with little ticky boxes next to them.

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If It’s A New Year, There’ll Be Sparklers

In my roadtripping diary, you’ll find this quote from the very first day of 2007:

Sparklers on the beach. The windy beach.  Fun when we got them lit after ten minutes or so (and after building windbreaks of sand).

Many things have changed since that year kicked off (almost eight years ago – how did that even happen?) but my love of sparklers at New Years has remained constant.  Then again, it’s difficult not to like sparklers, isn’t it?  They have an ability to render otherwise reasonably grown-up people into delighted children for as long as it takes for the sizzling halo of light to run its course.  And then you light another.  And maybe one more, because there’s something mesmerising about drawing fleeting shapes of light in the dark sky.

The other day, we just happened to be wandering past what was apparently the sparkler section of the supermarket.  “Oooh, sparklers!” I may or may not have exclaimed (I did).  “Actually, I want to try some long exposure photography with sparklers.”  The next thing I knew, the Chef had piled a whole bunch of sparkler packets into our basket and had to be restrained from adding more.

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