The Delightful Dozen Project

It all started so simply.  There I was, innocently explaining to Alexie RicRac that I’d been working on my dress for more than month, when she replied with a comment that seemed quite innocent at the time:

If I could construct a dress a month, I’d be very happy!

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Thanks, I Made it Myself!

I’m not going to lie: I love it when people tell me they like something I’m wearing.  This isn’t to say it happens on a regular basis but when it does, it gives me a little thrill.  Does sartorial success get any better than this? I may muse to myself, whilst basking in the afterglow of the occasional compliment.

Yes it does, as I discovered towards the end of last year.

“Oh, I love your dress,” said a colleague at work.

“Thanks,” I replied, following the words with a delighted pause.  “I made it myself.”

It’s one thing to have someone admire your choice in clothing; it’s roughly one million times better to have someone admire something you made yourself, if only because it answers that anxious little voice in your head that wonders if people can tell you’re wearing something handmade.  It turns out that, barring the entire garment falling apart, no-one is looking closely enough to see that you’ve had to take in the seams of your otherwise perfectly-lined bodice or that you don’t quite have the patience to hand-sew an invisible hem.  All they’re noticing is whether they like it or not.

I’ve since realised the only way to maximise my chances of experiencing the ‘I made it myself’ thrill is to make more things.  Make all of the things, as I wrote in my list of plans for 2015.  Yes, even more things than I made last year which, incidentally, filled an entire laundry basket when I gathered them together a couple of days ago.

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The Calendar in the Bathroom

Let’s be honest: I’m being polite here.  The title really should read The Calendar in the Toilet but for some reason I didn’t think that set quite the right tone.  It could also have been The Calendar That Isn’t The One Hanging In The Kitchen but that’s just bordering on the obscure for those of us who don’t live in my house, which is pretty much everyone reading this.

But let’s stop focussing on what could have been and focus on what is, namely, the traditions of this house.  Traditions such as Thou Shalt Not Cook Bacon Unless Everyone’s Getting Some (which tradition is broken by my sister-in-law on a regular basis); Thou Shalt Not Jump Onto The Bench And Lick The Butter (which tradition only applies to one of our cats… I hope); and last, but not least, There Shall Always Be Two Calendars.

Yes, always two.  In yet another tradition, my mum always gives us a cat calendar for Christmas and this one hangs in the kitchen, adding yet another touch of catness to the house.  The second calendar lives in the bathroom and usually features photographs of interesting locations and landscapes.  I have to buy this one myself but never fear – I always buy it after the new year when calendars are on special.

This year, however, this calendar purchase didn’t occur and days went by with bathroom visitors being forced to look at December 2014 in outright defiance of the fact that it was actually January 2015. Continue reading “The Calendar in the Bathroom”