The February Dress

It’s now apparently March, which I think is a bit of a mistake.  Months shouldn’t fly by that quickly and I’ve said this repeatedly but no-one in the Department of Time Speed seems to listen.  Don’t they realise this just makes it next to impossible to get anything done?  And yet, in spite of my (apparently irrelevant) opinions on the matter, we are now in the third month of the year, which also means I’ve reached the third month of my Delightful Dozen Project and I have been remarkably reticent on the whole matter, possibly in an inadvertent attempt to drum up some mystery.  Have I stuck to my plan?  Have two dresses turned up or am I in possession of a stack of material cut into strange shapes?

The quick and boring answer is: Yes, I have stuck to my plan.

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The Awesomeness of Op Shops

If I was only allowed to enter one kind of shop for the rest of my life, I’d choose op shops.  You can find anything in op shops or thrift shops or charity shops – whatever you may call them in your neck of the woods – although if you’re after something specific, you have to go about it subtly.  Sometimes the op shop gods will smile on you and you’ll find an exact replacement for your dad’s old dictionary in the first shop you visit.  Other times, they laugh at you as you search through fully a dozen op shops before you finally get your hands on a proper Scrabble game.

Often, Sundays are the only weekend day when I can hunt out op shops and to find one open on such a day is a very rare event indeed.  Yet that’s exactly what happened as I was driving through Chiltern with the parents last weekend.  An open op shop was the very last thing we expected to discover in this historic little town in North East Victoria and yet there it was, its glorious ‘Op Shop Open’ sign begging us to come in.

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The Delightful Dozen Project

It all started so simply.  There I was, innocently explaining to Alexie RicRac that I’d been working on my dress for more than month, when she replied with a comment that seemed quite innocent at the time:

If I could construct a dress a month, I’d be very happy!

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WIP Weekend: The Re-cap

Four days ago, I made a bold claim in front of countless internet witnesses: I was going to get to serious grips with some WIPs over the long weekend.  My dress form was getting far too snooty, wearing my unfinished dress and cardigan and lording it over me at every opportunity.  Things had gone too far; something had to be done about it all.

On Friday, I formulated a plan of attack.

  1. Finish the dress.
  2. Start sewing the neckband on my cardigan.

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WIP Weekend

As a writer, I thrive on deadlines.  They give me something to aim for.  Then they give me something to panic about.  Then they give me a whole bunch of regret as they pass by without my having met them even slightly.

When it comes to knitting and sewing, I’m a little bit better with deadlines, but only just.  The problem lies in the fact that no-one else knows about my deadlines, which leaves only one person accountable for them: me.  And I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit lazy and prone to procrastination when it comes to enforcing said deadlines.

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