The Things You Find in Crochet Patterns

This blog has been going for over fifty posts now and I think I’ve reached a level where I’m comfortable enough to admit some things to you all.  In this spirit of sharing and openness, I have a confession to make: I first started collecting old knitting patterns for the lols.

I didn’t even own a single pair of knitting needles.

I thought I was going to stick to crochet forever.


But seriously, old knitting patterns, especially from the sixties and seventies, are full of the most amazing craziness you are ever likely to see.  This craziness reaches a whole new level when it comes to crochet pattern books, however. Continue reading “The Things You Find in Crochet Patterns”

One Million Birthdays

It serioulsy feels as though everybody I know has had a birthday this month.  People need to find alternate ways of staying warm in the depths of Winter because the resultant avalanche of birthdays in March is a little overwhelming.  It might have been only five birthdays but it seriously felt like a lot more.  And despite my careful plans, it all snuck up on me by surprise and I’ve spent the last two weeks feverishly making things.  In fact, I’m still in the process of making one of those things and I’m on a bit of a deadline: if I’m not finished by Friday, then my dad is only getting half a present for his birthday.

It will be done.

It must be done. Continue reading “One Million Birthdays”

Tutorial: Easy Gift Decoration

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?  The food?  The time spent with family?  The true meaning behind it all? My favourite thing, hands down, is wrapping presents.  In fact, it’s possible I almost spend more time choosing the wrapping paper and ribbons than the gift inside.  Almost.  When I was younger, I loved to choose just the right paper and pair it up with my favourite thing in the world: printed Christmas tape.  For me, it wasn’t a proper Christmas present if it wasn’t sealed up with decorated tape.

This year, I took a slightly different approach.  I’ve been trying to cut down on unnecessary spending, so instead of buying some classy wrapping paper and ribbons, I looked around and asked, What do I already have that I can use for Christmas wrapping? Continue reading “Tutorial: Easy Gift Decoration”

The Handmade Present Dilemma

Shopping centres are my mortal enemy at the best of times.  At Christmas, the enmity ratchets up several hundred notches to the point where I’d rather eat puréed eggplant with a side of smoked cod than enter the damnèd portal of the Temple of Pointless Spending.  You can therefore imagine my delight when I realised I could make Christmas presents and thereby avoid shopping centres entirely.

If you are not one of these crazy people would rather spend hours toiling over handmade presents than facing the Christmas shopping crowds, then you may not know there’s a set of unspoken rules for the whole business. Continue reading “The Handmade Present Dilemma”