Not Quite Progress

Has anyone else noticed that it’s almost October?  The last time I looked, it was July.  What happened there?

I guess moving house took up a significant portion of that time around here.  I’ve also spent a lot of time thinking, I really should sort out my sewing room and study so I can actually use them, which is time that would have been better spent actually sorting out my sewing room and study, because at present, the only one using said rooms is my cat, Pickle, who has decided my desk chair is better suited to her afternoon sleeping requirements than any sitting I might be thinking of doing on it.

But today I’ve been reading blog posts from people who are sorting out their sewing spaces or trying to get into good routines and it’s made me think I should combine the two and see what happens.

The good news is that I’ve made a little progress since my last post. Continue reading

A Country Childhood

When I discover a wonderful new blog, I like to go right back to the beginnings and read along from there.  Within reason.  If I come across a blog that’s been going for ten years, it’s unlikely I’d do that, but anything around about three years old is fair game.  It gives me something to entertain myself with when waiting for stuff to happen at work or to fill in a lazy ten minutes or so at home.  This is exactly what happened when I found Country Life Experiment, written by Jo, who moved to a working farm in New South Wales with her Country Boy and three children a couple of years ago.  Jo writes beautifully of her country experiment and accompanies the words with delectable photos, which means I’m approaching the read-through much the way I would an addictive book: I really want to keep reading but I don’t want to get to the end.

Luckily, as it’s a blog, ‘the end’ merely means I’ll be up to date and waiting for the next blog post.

But I’m addicted for another reason: quite simply, it feels as though I’m reading about my childhood from my parents’ perspective and this is utterly fascinating.  Let me take you back to when I was little and I’ll explain… Continue reading

The Country Life

What does your ideal home look like?  Is it a chic city flat or a smart suburban home?  Is it a rustic beach house or a cosy home in the country?  I can tell you that the latter describes my dream home to a T.

It’s safe to say I’m not a city person.  I’m not even an outer suburban person.  Basically, anything that involves a lot of houses, vast amounts of people and ready access to shopping centres is not my cup of tea.

Something that is my cup of tea, however, is the area in which I am staying as I write this post.  My parents moved to Beechworth several years ago, so I’m lucky to be able to come up here several times a year and enjoy the lack of suburban-ness (and their company, obviously).  Open fields!  Country op shops!  (They are the absolute best op shops.)  The fancy-pants fudge at the lolly shop!

I grew up on a ten acre farm, which is either HUGE or tiny depending on your background.  Continue reading