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Every good writer needs a sure-fire method of procrastinating and this is mine: reading blogs!  Here are a few of my favourites.

Globe Combing
This is the blog of my dear friend, Bathmat, who is an actual archaeologist with an actual Indiana Jones hat.  Which she lost.  Even without the hat, she still writes a wonderful blog about her adventures in archaeology and sundry associated topics.

Medical History
This blog is written by another dear friend, Dr Turkey.  Yes, my friends have non-standard names, what of it?  Regardless, this blog is full of fascinating stories you never knew you wanted to know, from lepers, to insanity, to Hitler’s methamphetamine habit.  You’ll be glad you started reading.

Flipped Frogs Live Here & Frogs and Roses
My friend, the Flippyfrog, makes all manner of delightful items with her partner in crime, her mum. She has a blog that she occasionally updates with her adventures in selling at markets and the two of them also run an Etsy shop, selling their gorgeous creations for little kids.

Confessions of a Noona Fan & Inappropriate Maknae Love
Some of my friends have developed a Kpop obsession, so if that’s your thing, you should check these blogs out.

Open Thoughts
Amelia is a fellow writer and photographer and lives in one of the prettiest places in Australia, if not the world: Tasmania!

Knifey Spoony Things
My sister-in-law has started a new blog, following her adventures in cooking and consuming food.  She has a brilliant sense of humour and she cooks stuff… what more could you want?

The Vintage Post
The Vintage Post is a brand-new website run by one of my favourite vintage bloggers, Trish Hunter.  She is so enthuasiastic about all things vintage, so if you are of a likewise bent, check it out.

I Op Therefore I Am
If you’re into op shopping in Victoria, then this is the blog for you.  People share the treasures they find and recommendations for the best op shops in the state.  I’m a contributor here and they’re always looking for new people to join the blog.

The Halfway Quilter
The Halway Quilter is back!  This blog belongs to my friend and former boss, who is an inveterate quilter (hence the name).  She now lives in country Victoria and has a whole sewing room of her own with a stunning view and is once more blogging about it all.

The Blytonly Obvious
If you’ve ever read an Enid Blyton book then you need to read this blog.  It hasn’t been updated in a while but I happen to know for a fact that there is new material ready to go up – it’s just a matter of waiting for it to happen.  And it will be worth the wait!

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