Katie Writes Stuff has moved!

Here, at long last, is the official annoucement I hinted about in my previous post:

Katie Writes Stuff has moved!

You can now find this blog at katiewritesstuff.com, including all my old posts and around ninety-nine percent of my comments, thanks to the ninety-nine percent reliable magic of the wordpress exporter.

If you have subscribed to this blog via wordpress, let me first thank you (thank-you!) and secondly assure you that you should now be subscribed to the new one. Otherwise, you should be able to subscribe yourself again (in which case, I will thank you again) or add my blog to your preferred reader.

In the meantime, please enjoy the newest post on my shiny new blog: Seven Tips for Beginner Vloggers. As a possibly dubious bonus, you’ll also be able to watch my very first sewing vlog. I look forward to seeing you there!

Take Me Back Tuesdays: Needlework in War-Time

Welcome back to Take Me Back Tuesdays, where we take a look at the past as revealed through Things I Found In Op Shops.  I had a couple of contenders for this edition of Take Me Back Tuesdays, but they were rudely shoved aside when I stepped into a Healesville op shop and found this particular mystery. Continue reading

Take Me Back Tuesdays: The First One

Good morning, afternoon or evening!  Actually, who am I kidding?  I already know you’re reading this at 10pm, thanks to the details revealed by my stats recently.  Good 10pm, everyone, and welcome to a brand new segment I’m calling ‘Take Me Back Tuesdays’.  This is a little feature I’m planning to run on Tuesdays on a semi-regular basis although, really, I have enough material to see us through ten years’ worth of Tuesdays without a break.

“But what’s it all about?” I hear you cry.  Yes, even over here.  I have great hearing.

Take Me Back Tuesdays will showcase the craziness, amazingness, inventiveness and outright uniqueness of the way things were done in the past.  This being me, there will be a heavy focus on all manner of handcrafts, but you never know what else I might discover on my travels.  For instance, I have a (possibly) excellent recipe for chocolate and potato biscuits courtesy of a WWII issue of Stitchcraft I found recently.  Because nothing says rationing like potatoes randomly turning up in your chocolate biscuits.

Today, we are starting with Patons Knitting Book 689, which I found recently.  Twice, in fact.  The first copy was unfortunately eaten by silverfish who were determined that none may finish the garments within.  I didn’t realise that the intact covers concealed somewhat holey contents until I got home and I promptly set myself on a mission to find a less-ventilated version.  Whenever you set out to find something in this op shopping game you rarely expect to find it, so I was more than surprised when I picked up an absolutely pristine copy of it just this weekend in the local op shops.

I rather like men’s pattern books because there’s a lot of dateable stuff in them such as cars and cameras.  And shotguns.  Nothing says manly like standing around with shotguns in the crooks of your arms.  (There are no shotguns in this book.  Sorry.  Some other time, perhaps.) Continue reading