The Failboats and the Haunted Bathroom

It’s a common occurrence when you go away with friends: you wake up, but you can hear the shower going, so you laze about in bed for a while, or go and make a cuppa, waiting for whoever it is to finish.  Finally, you hear the hairdryer going and you know it’ll be your turn soon.

Ordinary, every-day stuff, right?

Except there was no-one in the shower at the time. Continue reading


The Cottage under the Powerlines

There are certain signs I simply cannot resist.  Free Cheese, for example.  Oh, how I wish I’d ever seen that sign.  I live in hope.  Op Shop Open is a particular winner.  But one of my favourites would have to be Historic Cottage This Way.  It doesn’t even need to be a cottage.  An historic anything is pretty awesometastic, in my view, but a cottage is always such a sweet thing.

So when we were driving out to Hurstbridge the other day and I saw a sign beginning with that delightful word Historic, then I knew what we had to do.  We had to keep going to Hurstbridge because I was incredibly hungry and needed to find some lunch.

But on the way back?  Yeah, we followed the sign and found this: Continue reading

The Farm on Churchill Island

What’s the one thing better than a working heritage farm?  A working heritage farm… on an island!  And guess what?  There just so happens to be one of those around a ninety minute drive from my house.  As we know from my previous ramblings, a ninety minute drive is a perfectly reasonable distance to travel for a day’s gallivanting with my Chef and my camera, so when the aforementioned Chef had a day off, guess where we went?


Churchill Island Heritage Farm. Continue reading