Two Rooms of One’s Own

This Saturday marks a fortnight of being in our new house.  It also marks a fortnight since I last knitted something or worked on my latest sewing project and this is driving me insane.  Watching TV without some knitting to hand feels like an utter waste.

Part of the problem is that I need to buy some new wool to keep going on one of my projects; the other problem lies in the fact that we have A View and it’s rather tempting at times to simply sit there and stare at it.

But can you blame me when it does things like this?

Foggy Mountains

I’m half-tempted to start an instagram account called Hello, Mount Little Joe and just post pictures of my view looking gorgeous.  In the meantime, you can catch up on all the mountain action on my regular instagram account.  I also post pictures of cats and my various crafting projects, if you need more temptation.

And just how are said crafting projects coming along?  Here’s a handy list:

  • My jumper is waiting for me to get over my dislike of picking up stitches so I can knit the collar and sew it together.  It would be preferable if I did this now, rather than in the middle of Summer, as I strongly suspect I won’t be in need of a warm woollen jumper by then.
  • My latest socks are three quarters done and are simply waiting for the aforementioned new wool so I can finish them off.
  • My latest Delightful Dozen project is in its composite bits.  And by ‘composite bits’, I mean ‘I’ve pre-washed the fabric and cut out the paper pattern pieces but I have lost the latter and can’t really proceed from this point’.

Then there’s this:

The Before

This is what I like to call my wing of the house: the dining room and the sunroom (which was optimistically described as a third bedroom when we first looked at the house).  Henceforth, they shall be known respectively as the sewing room and my study (or the music room, depending what I’m doing in it at the time).

Right now, they’re known as a mess.

They don’t look quite that bad right now.  The blue boxes are gone and I’ve set up my mannequin, but that’s about it.  I honestly wish someone would just come along and transform it into something like the photo below.

This is the delightful sewing room of Tilly and the Buttons and I rather think this is a sewing room I could live with quite happily.  Mine wouldn’t be quite as neat and uniform, since I have a penchant for using whatever I have to hand – preferably mis-matched – but I’m quite fond of the concepts.  Lots of shelves for patterns, books and materials.  Sets of drawers.  A spotty rug.

I think I have a plan of attack.  Firstly, I’m going to move all crafty stuff to the sewing room.  This should hopefully give me the space to work out where my desk goes and where my musical stuff will live.  I call this ‘Stage One’, which makes it sound nice and organised and neatly ignores the fact that it’s creating chaos I’ll have to deal with in Stages Two through Seven Thousand.

Stage Two will begin with the acquisition of more storage.  Thanks to the intervention of various people, I’ve actually acquired a fabric stash and I possibly have enough wool hanging around to qualify as a stash, too.  This is currently residing in bags and baskets and storage tubs, which is not an ideal way of keeping track of it.  A couple of small cubey shelves should go some way towards fixing this.

And then I’ll have to sort out my various knitting books and patterns, which I anticipate will take around half a lifetime, by which point, I may be able to share a photo of a crafting area that looks less like a tornado hit and more like a place where someone could actually work.

Have any of you ever set up some sort of creative space?  Please share any tips in the comments – I have a feeling I’ll need them!


19 thoughts on “Two Rooms of One’s Own

    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      Storage is so important. Even if you’re someone like me, who fully believes they don’t have a stash, you end up running out of storage somehow. (Perhaps it’s time to stop living in denial re: stash.)

      Before we bought this house, I was looking into sewing cabinets, too. They have everything!

      I’ll definitely be posting updates, although at this point, I’m tempted to forget the plan and just whack my sewing machine on the table in the middle of all the unpacking chaos. There’s stuff I need to sew!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Gillian says:

    Hahah. Creative space? I have a small person that turns everything into a tornado. I have to hide my knitting but he managed to find it today.

    Not so easy for a type A but I’m learning…


  2. /anne... says:

    I’ve got those Ikea drawers, with the clear fronts – they are the _perfect_ size to store patterns! Until the drawers collapse on the ones below, trapping all your patterns, and forcing you to buy more…

    When I next move, I’m buying those sideways steel filing cabinets – they should hold the weight!


    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      Yes, a steel filing cabinet should do the trick! I have an ordinary filing cabinet for my knitting patterns – some of my knitting patterns, that is – but no firm plans on how to store sewing patterns. I suspect it won’t end up looking as neat as Tilly’s room, but I can hope!


  3. hashigal says:

    Soooo, I’m anticipating a morphing of Picture B into a variation on Picture C…or am I mad?

    Tilly’s workroom sends me into paroxysms of envy. I’ve got a miniature version of those shelving units though, and the boxes that fit each “square” are perfect for fabric storage. And because they’re not too tall, you can keep a pleasant array of tools on top.

    But Tilly’s is envy-inducing**, sheerly because of the size of that room. Can you imagine having a WHOLE ROOM dedicated only to craftiness? Be still my beating heart!

    **NB: I fully expect that yours shall become envy-inducing in the nearish future too.


    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      Morphing one image into the other would be the dream. I liked Tilly’s room best because it’s quite similar to my space, if you ignore the diving glass wall and door (and my excess of windows). There’s definitely going to be some overflow from the crafting area into the study – there’s no way all of my sewing and knitting stuff will fit in the old dining room.

      I’m so excited to have this space of my own. It’s quite luxurious after making do with a kitchen table for the past year or so.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Flit says:

    A colleague of mine built a storage unit for her wife. It was the most incredible thing, little compartments built around the sewing desk where she colour coded all her fabric. It was the most drool worthy thing.

    Does this mean you may venture into ikea…? That a scary step to take. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Tess says:

    I was going to say IKEA (looks like the room in your post is ripped straight out of their catalogue by the way). I know you don’t fancy the idea, but let’s face facts, we all end up in the web of the ginormous Swedish furnishing company sooner or later.

    They have smoked salmon in the delicatessen department. 😉


    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      That was very evil of you to mention smoked salmon. Up until now, it was quite easy to resist temptation but you have struck at my one weakness.

      The truth is, I’m hoping to source anything I need from op shops. I’m sure this will come as no surprise to anyone. 😀


      • Tess says:

        Me?Evil? Nah… 😇 Okay, a tad bit perhaps. I won’t raise an earbrow if I happen to read about a road trip to IKEA before too soon.

        Nevertheless, I am quite convinced you’ll make fabulous sewing room out of that mess. Allow the progress to take its time, these things can’t be hurried.


        • Katie Writes Stuff says:

          Given where we live now, it genuinely would be a roadtrip!

          I kind of want to hurry through the process a little – now that the weather is starting to warm up, I’m feeling the need to sew some new things to wear and there’s no space to do it at the moment. Hopefully once my study’s sorted out, I’ll have freed up enough space to get my sewing stuff set up.

          Liked by 1 person

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