So Many Boxes

There are currently far too many boxes in my life.  Not to worry, though – they’ll all be gone by Monday because that’s when the box rental company is coming to pick them up.  With any luck we’ll have emptied them by then, although ‘putting things in their proper place’ is a stage we may not reach immediately after said emptying.

So yes, we have moved.  It’s official.  The keys from the old house are back with the real estate agents and we are no longer renters.  Here is a handy list of how that feels:

  • Good
  • Scary
  • Quiet
  • Cosy
  • Surreal
  • Cluttered

Since moving, we have done the following:

  • Replaced our fridge, thanks to the old one not surviving the trip;
  • Accepted the fact that our washing machine is not playing nice and will need someone to visit and beat some sense into it with a wide range of available heavy objects (I’d do this myself but it would only serve to make me feel better, rather than actually achieving anything in the way of a non-temperamental washing machine);
  • Watched crimson rosellas eating seeds on the front deck (said activity was also enjoyed by our cat, Pickle).

We have also eaten a Day After Moving breakfast in an amazing café in Warburton that I will recommend to everyone until they cross the street rather than hear me witter on about it: RiverView Café.  Seriously, go there.  I don’t care if you don’t even live in the country – it’s worth the trip.  Best scrambled eggs ever.  Amazing locally smoked bacon.  Delicious berry smoothie.  Oh, and a home-made hash brown that I didn’t get to taste because the Chef ate the whole thing without offering me a morsel.  I may come to forgive him in time.

The cats have settled in, too.  This is Pickle’s third move, so she approached it all with an attitude of Oh great, they’ve done this to me AGAIN.  Missy hasn’t moved since we brought her home as a kitten, so we had no idea what she’d make of it.  Turns out she deals with moving house by hiding under the bed for the better part of a day.

So have I been focussed on emptying out boxes and looking around in a semi-intelligent fashion for somewhere to put the items thus revealed?  Well… sort of.  I’ve also been falling into op shops and accidentally buying things, because that’s what we need: more things.  But you know me by now: most of the things I buy in op shops are flat and book shaped.

New House Cooking

Amazingly for me, there is nothing knitting-related in this batch of treasures.  Instead, I have books that celebrate the fact that we have a kitchen that fits more than one person and an oven that isn’t constructed purely of fail.

New House Music

And we also have books that celebrate the fact that my study in the sunroom is occasionally referred to as the music room.  The green book underneath comes with the exciting title Clarinet Technical Work Book, which sounds more than a little dull, but it’s packed full of photocopied music of a more fun variety.  Not that I’m not over the moon about getting to grips with some chromatic scales, of course (right after I stick my head in a bucket of snails).

Now that Missy’s out from under the bed, I can take photos such as this one of her surveying her new abode.  Either that, or she’s scouting out high places and planning a leap thereon.

Oh, did I mention we have a bit of a view?

New House View

One thing I love about this house is that the original owners decided the best way to take in the view of the mountain across the way was to build an entire wall made out of windows.  It was a good call.  Nothing beats getting up in the morning and opening up the blinds to see what the mountain’s looking like that day.

Our commute to work may be somewhat longer now but it’s lovely to know we’re heading back to this place with its attendant mountains and cute birds on the front deck.  And when I finally get my sewing room sorted out, it will be even better.


12 thoughts on “So Many Boxes

    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      I feel it’s a view I can live with quite easily. 😀

      It certainly helps to have a decent kitchen and appliances therein when it comes to cooking! I’ve found a couple of things in the Biscuits & Slices book (which is in brand new condition) that I can’t wait to try out. Once the boxes are done.


  1. Anne says:

    Great to hear you’ve moved. Biscuits and slices book – a great bonus for us visitors! The view is almost as good as mine. Nothing better than having a home with a view. Enjoy the ambience cheers A


    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      It’s not the only biscuits and slices book I have, either – a friend gave me another one as a housewarming present.

      I was thinking the other day that we have complementary views: you have the view from the mountain and I have the view of the mountain.


    • Katie Writes Stuff says:

      It is indeed my view. I think our decision to buy this house was fifty percent based on the house and fifty percent based on the view. 😀

      The cats are doing very well now so all we really need to do is empty out these boxes and set everything up just as we want it.


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